Milwaukee Cordless Drill Reviews - Did You Know All These Pros and Cons?


Milwaukee cordless drill reviews are quite good on the Milwaukee 0724 cordless 28-volt, ½ inch hammer-drill. There are several features that are somewhat unique, as you will see from some of the best advantages that are mentioned in Milwaukee cordless drill reviews of the 28 volt model.

The Pros

There are several pros to the 28 volt Milwaukee drill because it offers 600 pounds of torque and it weighs less than 7 pounds, besides being more affordable than comparable models in the 18 volt or 24 volt class. It is one of the longest running and more powerful drills on the market, with a revolutionary designed 28V lithium-ion battery.

With innovative features, like the battery pack design that allows you to insert the battery in reverse position, it is easier to work in hard-to-reach areas or when working overhead. In fact, the revolutionary and patented battery pack design contributes to the lighter weight, making it weigh less than 18 volt NiCad battery packs and less than some of the 24 volt models of cordless drills, that can go over 20 pounds in weight.

Another great feature of the Milwaukee drill is the patented Clip-Lok system, which allows you to securely attach the drill to your tool bag and has an on-board bit holder, capable of holding two standard Phillips bits. This makes it convenient when climbing ladders or other situations when you need your hands free. In addition, this model comes with the tightest gripping chuck in the industry, which keeps bits from slipping or falling out, with a ½ inch, all-metal, single-sleeve, ratcheting chuck that features all carbide jaws.

When searching for one of the best Milwaukee drill reviews, the 28 volt model is worthy of six stars, and that comes straight from contractors that have been avid fans of the 18 volt drills made by Milwaukee. Not only are the upgrades part of what you would expect to see on more expensive drills, but the price is less than many of the 18 volt models on the market.

The Cons

Even the cons of this drill aren't totally derogatory. About the worst thing to be said about it is that the newer 18 volt Milwaukee 2611 cordless drill has a higher torque rating and works just as well, when you use it with the correct speed range setting and don't just leave it in high when you power it on. Of course, most of the 18 volt cordless drills on the market don't offer as much power as the 28 volt Milwaukee, but the Milwaukee 2611 18 volt comes out at the top of its class and gives the 28 volt Milwaukee 0724 drill a run for the money.

In conclusion, whether you prefer the power of the 28 volt Milwaukee drills or the newer and improved power that is delivered by the 18 volt Milwaukee 2611 cordless drills, it is hard to go wrong with Milwaukee drill choices. When you read the cordless drill reviews on  either of these models, you are sure to be pleased with the power, price and performance of this line of drills, regardless of size.